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dc.creatorĆirilović Stanković, Jelena
dc.creatorMladenović, Goran
dc.creatorQueiroz, Cesar
dc.description.abstractApplication of appropriate preventive maintenance treatments, at the right time, extends the service life of pavements, resulting in benefits to road users through increased ride comfort and safety and to road agencies through the reduction of future maintenance costs and improvement of the network condition. Preventive maintenance treatments usually have been applied on the highly trafficked sections of the Serbian national road network, but they have not been applied on the low-volume part of the network. This study used the Serbian low-volume roads network as a case study to identify appropriate preventive maintenance treatments for low-volume roads, model these into a pavement management system, and assess the potential benefits of their application compared with the current practice. The World Bank's RONET (road network evaluation tools) model, designed to assess the current characteristics of road networks and their future performance according to various levels of interventions (and budgets), was selected for this study. The model was modified for the study to incorporate use of preventive maintenance treatments. Modifications included adjustment of the pavement deterioration curves to incorporate a slower deterioration rate resulting from the application of crack sealing and pothole patching and surface dressings or thin overlays while the pavement was still in good condition. The results indicate that the use of preventive maintenance treatments would result in increased net benefits and a substantial reduction in future road agency costs compared with the maintenance scenario without preventive maintenance.en
dc.publisherNatl Acad Sciences, Washington
dc.sourceTransportation Research Record
dc.titleImplementation of Preventive Maintenance in Network-Level Optimization Case Study of the Serbian Low-Volume Road Networken
dc.citation.other(2473): 49-55

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