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      48 Years of Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity in South East Europe [1]
      A Kinetic Study of Limestone Dry Micronization in an Ultra-Centrifugal Mill with Peripheral Comminuting Path [1]
      A Kinetic Study of Micronization Grinding of Dry Mica in a Planetary Ball Mill [1]
      A new method of coal excavation in the complex natural-geological conditions [1]
      A new methodology for prediction of high-cycle contact fatigue for spur gears [1]
      A Theoretical Model for Vibro-Impact Dynamics of Spur Gears with Tooth Flanks Wear [1]
      A theoretical model for vibro-impact dynamics of spur gears with tooth flanks wear [1]
      Activated carbons obtained by pyrolyzing of resorcinol formaldehyde gels [1]
      Activated flux tig welding of stainless-steel pipes [1]
      Alatni uložak za sprečavanje rotacije poprečne žice pri ispitivanju zavarenih spojeva čeličnih spojeva mreža na smicanje [1]
      Alkali activated fly ash geopolymers as a new binder in concrete [1]
      Alkali-activated geopolymerization of a low illitic raw clay and waste brick mixture. An alternative to traditional ceramics [1]
      An analysis of impact testing of high strength low-alloy steels used in ship construction [1]
      An analysis of the influence of weldment heterogeneity in ferrite-austenite welded structure [1]
      An analytical approach based on Green's function to thermal response factors for composite planar structure with experimental validation [1]
      An Artificial Neural Network-based Prediction Model for Utilization of Coal Ash in Production of Fired Clay Bricks: A review [1]
      An augmented approach for the determination of the particle size effect on energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis outcomes for alumina-based refractory materials [1]
      An overview of modern seismic analyses with different ways of damping introduction [1]
      Analitička procena mogućnosti primene interventnog reparaturnog zavarivanja čelika 13CrMo 4-5 [1]
      Analiza loma spojnice lanca [1]