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Socio-Economic Analysis of the Construction and Building Materials’ Usage—Ecological Awareness in the Case of Serbia61
Life Assessment of Corroded Wire for Prestressing59
Application of Paris' Law Under Variable Loading58
Aplitic Granite Waste as Raw Material for the Production of Outdoor Ceramic Floor Tiles58
Determination of LCF Plastic and Elastic Strain Components of Steel57
Experimental analysis of fire resistance of cly hollow-brick masonsry non-load bearing wall50
The comparative analysis of thermal behaviour of a different thicknesses walls made from autoclaved aerated concrete blocks exposed to fire49
Alkali-activated geopolymerization of a low illitic raw clay and waste brick mixture. An alternative to traditional ceramics45
Fired pressed pellet as a sample preparation technique of choice for an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis of raw clays44
European and national assessment procedure for the fire performance of facades44